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Our employment attorneys offer an extensive number of services to Kansas City, MO, and surrounding areas, in order to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected. When you sign a contract with an employer, you are not simply agreeing to work for them; you are entering into a two-way agreement. This means that the employer is just as responsible for their behavior as the employee. However, disputes often arise, whether over things such as sexual harassment or payment of back wages. In these instances, you need to make sure that you have an attorney on your side who will aggressively stand up for your rights. Call upon the labor lawyers at Lance Loewenstein Attorney At Law PC for a team that stops at nothing to give you the justice you deserve.

Discreet When Necessary

While many cases require that you go to court to seek justice, there are an equal number of labor disputes that need to be handled more discreetly. We are more than happy to provide the mediation, arbitration, or any other alternatives available to resolve the issues at hand without needing them to go to court. Let us go over your case together, examining every aspect of the issue to determine the best course of action for settling the matter amicably. Call on our labor rights lawyers for help handling the following issues discreetly:

  • Wrongful Terminations
  • Contract Disputes
  • Sexual Harassment Allegations
  • Payment Issues

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