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Protect your family and estate by trusting Lance Loewenstein Attorney At Law PC when you need an estate lawyer in Kansas City, MO. We combine many years of experience and deep familiarity with estate law. Our services make estate planning and probate a simple, streamlined process for your family. While the law is often complicated, our legal services provide the clarity and assurance you need for peace of mind. Schedule an appointment at our office when you need to review legal services such as:

  • Probate Services
  • Elder Law
  • Guardianship
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Conservatorship

Serving Your Estate’s Probate Needs

As your estate probate lawyer, we assist with any duties pertaining to your estate’s executorship. These duties include making an inventory of all assets, validating the will, settling outstanding debts, paying taxes, and distributing remaining assets on behalf of the decedent. Additionally, we prepare and file the relevant paper work, as well as mediate disputes over assets between beneficiaries.

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Our objective is to make the process of settling your financial and property affairs run as smoothly as possible. Our stress-free estate planning and probate administration ensure that all legal matters are successfully resolved. Since our counsel is often sought as part of our clients’ end-of-life considerations, we always perform our duties with compassion and consideration. Make sure your interests are protected by calling our law office.

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