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Do you need reunion counseling attorneys?

Spit in the vial, send it off. Seems pretty simple, right? Often, it's not. If you have been contacted by a genetic match, or, if you have found a genetic match, there are potential legal consequences. If you want to talk through those consequences with someone who has been happy to live through such a circumstance, we are ready to help. Our team can identify the background of a match, walk you through the consequences of making contact, and actually make the initial contact with a potential relative to determine future interest in communication.

Understand that, as a client of a law firm, your information and communications are protected by attorney-client privilege - perhaps the strongest privilege against discovery known to man. Your private information is just that - private. From the initial consultation to the end result, nothing that we discuss or share is public.

This is a private,  confidential service for those who have assets, interests, and families that need to be considered with every decision. Our Principal, an adoptee, has been through the match process personally, and understands the dynamics of assets, interests and families in the context of a genetic match.

If you have been presented with a match potential, and are unsure of the next step, the Private Investigators, Attorneys and Principal of this firm stand ready to advise and consult.

You are not alone.

If you wish to obtain an initial consultation on this matter, please complete the following form to schedule your time. Contact adoption reunion attorney Lance Loewenstein today!

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